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KMC Sleeves Neo Matte Black (80 pieces)

69,95 kr.

Neo Matte KMC Sleeves: Black

80 Neo Matte KMC Sleeves in the color black. These Japanese KMC Sleeves are designed to protect your cards from wear and tear while playing. These KMC Sleeves are made of polypropylene and are suitable for both casual and competition players. These KMC Sleeves make shuffle even easier with the structure on the back of the sleeves! The Neo version also prevents reflection for a better view of the cards and is also scratch-resistant.

– Offers excellent protection through the use of extra hard polypropylene.
– Protects cards during and after the game.
– Prevents curved corners.
– Prevents reflection for better vision.
– Scratch resistant
– Completely free from PVC.
– 80 pieces per package.

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