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Gamegenic – Dungeon +1100 Convertible – Black

399,95 kr.

The Dungeon is ideal for housing a complete card collection. It holds several deck boxes, playmats, accessories and, of course, a huge number of single cards (even protected in bigger toploader sleeves). The closing mechanism is subtle but strong thanks to an ingenious design that keeps the box safely closed even when it is fully loaded.
The box’s premium Nexofyber+ outside material shares the elegant look of all Convertible products. Compatible not only with the rest of the product line but also with most boxes and solutions available on the market.

* Optimized for Gamegenic Sleeves. Sleeves from other brands may affect capacity/compatibility


Product size:
(W x D x H) 414 x 199 x 114 mm

Product size:
(W x D x H) 405 x 89 x 110 mm

Nexofyber+ surface + microfiber inner lining

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Dragon Shield Magic Carpet (Black/Black)

319,95 kr.

The Dragon Shield Magic Carpet is a combined storage box and playmat that offers an easy and elegant way to store and transport cards. It features an exclusive tough ‘Dragon Skin’ exterior and a smooth satin lined interior combined with a strong magnetic seal to keep cards safe.
A Magic Carpet is made up of two seperate elements that fit perfectly together: a rugged playmat which wraps tightly around the spacious storage box for a secure closure.


1000+ unleeved card or 555+ double-sleeved cards

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Ultimate Guard – Superhive 550+ XenoSkin – Petrol

399,95 kr.

This ultimate box leaves nothing to be desired! There is space for everything you will need, with compartments for multiple card decks and cases, two play-mats and accessories like dice, tokens and life counters!

Some examples of what this amazing box can hold:

5x Sidewinder 80+ or 4x Sidewinder 100+ plus extra storage space
5x Boulder 100+ or 6x Boulder 80+ plus extra storage space
550+ double-sleeved cards or 650+ single-sleeved cards or 1100+ unsleeved cards*
2x Flip’n’Tray 80+ or 5x Flip Deck Case 80+ or 4x Flip Deck Case 100+ plus extra storage space
230+ Top-Loaders (standard size, 12 mil)
5x Deck Case 100+ or 6x Deck Case 80+ plus extra storage space