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2 thoughts on “Tier1Con Malmø

  1. Ed says:

    Hello Guys my Name is Ed from the North of Germany.
    I will make a trip to the Event in July for my First cEDH Tournament.
    And i just have on Simple Question.

    How is the Looks on Proxy.
    if its possible i have around 10 in my deck.
    Like Ragavan,Allosaurus Shapard, ESG, and some Battlebond lands. Is this ok or have to check up with the Headjudge.

    Greatings Ed

    1. Jasper R. Nielsen says:

      Hey Ed
      Proxies are not allowed in the decks.
      We allow Tier1MTG test cards, but proxies are not allowed, unless you have according to offical Magic The Gathering rules the real card and can show it to a judge.
      Then you will have to have the judge check if the proxy is okay to use instead of your real card you have with you.

      Sincerly Jasper // Tier1MTG

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