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D.O.S. 5.0

Now it’s time!
After a long waiting period, we are finally ready to announce a date for DOS 5.0 and Denmark’s first cEDH event.
In order to provide the best possible experience for our events, we have found a partner for our events. We have now made an agreement with Scandic Hotels to host our next event at Scandic Sluseholmen where we have booked parts of the conference hall.
It offers opportunities for us to make major events in the future, as well as accommodation at a favorable price and you can use the code “SEV” at check-out.
Beer, soda and water can be purchased, they also have food available during these events.
DOS 5.0 Oldschool.
Friday at 19:00 (Local time: Copenhagen) there is “Around the Table”
Price: Free , As always, there will be a prize for the winner.
rules: Only attack on the left. Range: 1 for each page. Oldschool rules apply, however:

Banned card: Time Vault.
Restricted: Maze of ith.

Kill: 1 point.
Last back 2 points.
Penultimate: 1 point.
Starting Life: 40.
Main Tournament Saturday, the 8. of August. 11.00-01.00 (latest)
Room for 100 participants.
Price: 250 DDk.
Included in the prize is that all participants for the main tournament get a sandwich for lunch.
We always play with ANTE as part of the prize pool, where everyone is given ANTE packages where you play about 1 card unseen in each round.
We have also created a Cup with the names engraved by all previous winners of DOS on and we will engrave the names of future winners, as a perpetual reminder of future events.
There will also be an Altered Beta Sol Ring from AS alters, as one of the prizes.
Additional prizes will depend on the number of participants.
We stick to the Danish rules for Oldschool.
CE / IE is not allowed.
In addition, there has been a ban on Wizard’s side around individual cards for official tournaments. We believe that oldschool is a very limited format and those bans will go beyond the gaming experience, so we don’t ban “the 7”.
The rounds are set to 50 minutes.
There is of course also the opportunity to come and buy, swap, sell cards, pockets and other accessories in the shop or just hang out for the event as we usually do to get some Magic atmosphere back after a long wait.
Yours sincerely

DOS crew

The event is finished.

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