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About Us

Tier1MTG is founded by Allan Asmussen & Dan Sønderskov – 2 friends who grew up together with Magic since 1994.
Also, Maria was onboard from day 1, in creating Tier1MTG, and now she is the stronghold for Logistics and Finance on a daily basis.
We started with a vision; supplying singles to gamers in all formats both online and at events made EASY at competitative prices. Actually having cards in stock and being able to quickly delivering cards on a daily basis is what we have as main priority.
We know the feeling of having binders and boxes of cards with lots of value, but nowhere to offload. How to get rid of expensive collector cards? Getting in really expensive cards, saving for years and years.
This is where we come in, to buy, trade or partial cash trade. We have specialized in trading binders and boxes for power or premium foils or you want to downgrade your alpha/beta to unlimted plus cash in hand!
We strive to have your needs in stock at all times, if not – we will do all we can to get them for you.
As we are long term players, pricing is equally important both when buying or selling. Our mantra is it must be FAIR!
Simply send us a message on Facebook or email: info@tier1mtg.dk for any inquiry you might have.
We currently have more than 160.000 cards listed on https://www.cardmarket.com/en/Magic/Users/Tier1MTG
On www.Tier1MTG.eu is live now aswell. Here we primarily have older Magic the gathering products for sale, from Alpha to high end foils and reserved list cards.
We are looking forward to hear from you!
Dan, Allan & Maria – Tier1MTG.

Dan Qwist Sønderskov

Dan Qwist Sønderskov

Founder / CEO
Allan Asmussen

Allan Asmussen

Founder / Sales
Maria Qwist Sønderskov

Maria Qwist Sønderskov

Finance / Logistic