About Tier1MTG

Tier1MTG was established in 2019 and in just a few years has become one the foremost Scandinavian providers for all things related to the collectible card game, Magic the Gathering (MTG) with over 300.000 unique single cards for sale on Cardmarket.com and organizing the biggest independent events in Scandinavian Magic history.

Buyer and seller of Magic the Gathering
Tier1MTG is a specialist shop trading in Magic the Gathering singles, packs, bundles and accessories.

We buy, sell and trade Magic cards fairly with excellent customer care.

We pride ourselves on our selection of cards, which is currently the most extensive in Scandinavia.

You can find our entire selection on our store at cardmarket.com here.

Organizer of national and international events
Tier1MTG has independently organized Magic-related events on a national and international scale, providing specialized events for Old School Magic, Modern Magic and of course, Magics currently most popular format, Commander.

Organizer of local events
Tier1MTG is also a local games store in Vipperød, Denmark providing the local community with excellent facilities and several weekly game nights and events related to Magic the Gathering.

Tier1MTG became official WPN store in December 2020

Tier1MTG became official WPN Premium store in April 2022

About the owners
Tier1MTG is owned and run by Dan Qwist Sønderskov with the help of his wife Maria Qwist Sønderskov, together building an amazing store with the everyday TCG player in focus.

How to get in touch with us



E-mail: info@tier1mtg.dk
Phone: +4542928165


Dan Qwist Sønderskov
Founder and CEO


Maria Qwist Sønderskov
Finances and Logistics